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We turn to safety and security-conscious customers who have established them self or plan to establish themselves in areas characterized by extreme conditions.

In dialogue, we can analyze the need for equipment systems, gear, and practical training to future accommodate for success under extreme conditions. 

We are a partner with the highest standards of simplicity, functionality, and quality. We work under the motto; less is more! Recommended equipment systems, course content is based on our own and clients' knowledge and experience from different places in the world and if needed we have an experienced R&D department that can tailor gear and equipment to your requirements

Our clients are among uniformed professions such as military, police and medical personnel.


To make operations in harsh environment easier, safer, and more efficient.


We know it will never be easy, it will never be safe, and it will always be a struggle.

Our goal is through combined knowledge, skills, gear, equipment, and innovation to make it easier, safer, and more efficient to operate in harsh environments for our partners, friends, and allies.

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