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3M E-A-R Switch Protection Earplugs 370-1047

Art.nr: 3701047
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The 3M™ E-A-R™ Switch Protection Earplugs 370-1047 are designed for insertion into the ear canal to help reduce exposure to hazardous noise including steady state and peak impulse. 
he product features a special acoustic filter that lets lower level of sound through with little noise reduction for greater situational awareness (Awareness Mode) and at the same time offer protection against high levels of peak impulse noise.

The 3M™ E-A-R™ Switch Protection Earplugs are ideally suited where the required level of attenuation ranges between 15 dB and 28 dB SNR for continuous noise level. These products are specially designed for greater situational awareness in a dynamic workplace environment.

The product works in two distinctive modes; Awareness mode and Normal Protection mode. 

In the normal Protection mode, the product offers higher level of protection against continuous noise compared against Awareness mode. To use it in Awareness mode simply press the rocker switch marked with ‘CAE’ and to use it in the Normal Protection mode press the rocker switch marked with 3M.

The product can be easily switched between the two modes to help adapt to the workplace needs whilst the earplugs are seated inside the ear canal.

The product is supplied ready assembled fitted with medium size ear tips but also includes a pair of each of the three different size ear tips (small, medium and large) for better fit.

• Specially designed soft retainer helps ensure the ear plug remains seated inside the ear canal.
• Rocker assembly featuring the patented acoustic filter for protection against high level of peak impulse noise.
• Made from soft and durable material.
• Supplied with three different size ear tips for best individual fit.
• Can be used against peak impulse noise up to 160dB peak. 
• Easy to wash and clean.
• Supplied in a durable storage case featuring a convenient metal chain.
• Supplied with a soft polyester cord as standard.

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