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Crossfire DG3 - Arctic Warfare

Art.nr: CFDG3AW
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Story of the DG3 – Arctic Warfare

The DG-3AW pack is part of the latest evolution of the DG-3 line. Our new AW series combines several mods due to feedback from the field. With direct requests from the experts in cold weather warfare, the Swedish arctic warfare specialist troops needed a ruck which could better serve their mission. The DG-3AW line is our answer to requests from these soldiers who operate in artic sub zero environments, these environments require special features not found on current rucks sold on the market today…until now! The aim with the DG3 - AW pack is to give operators that are equipped with a Fjellpulk 168 or 188 the possibility to attach the pulk directly to the DG3 AW pack. The pack is packed so the operator can "dump" the pulk in case of a contact with the enemy.

The DG3 AW pack is also the perfect pack for operations in a hot and wet operational area. Just take of the side pockets if your to move thru jungel.

- We have upped the capacity from 55 litres to 95 litres with the AW removable side sustainment pouches.

- Extended snow drift collar with lightweight drawstring closure for top opening while still keeping our center zip operable.

- MOLLE removed from side panels and replaced with our vertical ladder rack attachment system, this is a lighter option to the typical MOLLE system.

- The side pouches attach using our brand new toggle attachment system which allows the operator to still use while wearing heavy insulated gloves.

- Attachable rear beaver tail for hanging a helmet, rope or other mission essentials.

- Identical DG-3 frameset.

- Identical DG-3 internals.

- Identical DG-3 lid.

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