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IcePlate EXO® - CRH (Chest Rig Hydration harness)

Art.nr: CFDG3AW
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The ultimate chest rig power-up.

IcePlate EXO® is engineered for a future that just got closer with IcePlate EXO® - CRH. The idea was to integrate multiple functions into a single system, all with organically integrated multi-mode thermoregulation (Conduction, Convection, Radiation).

For the first time ever, IcePlate EXO® - CRH enables chest rigs to benefit from the unmatched performance-enhancing and environmental inoculation capabilities of IcePlate® Curve.

With the ability to mount an additional IMS Pro for 100 ounces/3L of cooling/heating/hydration or augment payload with external packs via any combination of Velcro®-brand hook/MOLLE, IcePlate EXO® - CRH is the next phase in IcePlate® Carrier Exoskeleton evolution and advances our vision for Building A Superhuman Future.


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