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Core Preformence IcePlate EXO®

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Building a Superhuman Future by turning adversity into opportunity

IcePlate EXO®is a full duty plate carrier that combines all Qore Performance human physiological enhancement and environmental inoculation technologies (conductive, evaporative, convection) into a durable, hydrophobic, and breathable platform with unrivaled capabilities. It is the anchor of our IceAge EcoSystem. Ultralight, multi-role, and scalable, IcePlate EXO® weaponizes temperature using organic

IcePlate® Curve and IceVents® integration to enhance human operator performance. IcePlate EXO® configurations are limited only by your imagination: armor only, armor + hydration, armor + hydration + cooling/heating, IcePlate® Curves only (cooling/heating/hydration), armor front + IcePlate® Curve back). Designed for elite armed professionals who are trained in how to properly and safely setup a plate carrier. Not intended for beginners or hobby use.


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