3M Combat Earplugs - gen 4.1 small

  • Artnr: 370-1044
  • Enhet: st

Beskrivning av artikel

  • The intelligent 3M Combat Arms 4.1 earplugs with the 2-in-1 function suitable for a wide range of loud environments, whether at target practice, in combat, in football stadiums or at demonstrations.
  • The 3M Combat Arms 4.1 earplug is itself the successor to the 3M impulse noise protection earplug.
  • Like its predecessor, the Combat Arms 4.1 earplug has a microfilter, which closes in the event of impulse noises, whilst ambient noise at normal volume is transmitted unfiltered.
  • Further functions: a small button allows the user to change to a closed, filter-less mode and thus be protected against uninterrupted noise.
  • The Combat Arms 4.1 earplug is reusable, easy to clean and needs no batteries.