6th generation ComTac™ Begär offert

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Beskrivning av artikel

The new ComTac VI NIB helps protect your hearing, improve situation awareness and communications in noisy enviroments.

The ComTac VI NIB has several new and improved features:

  • NIB - Natural Interaction Behavior
  • MAP - Mission Audio Profile
  • MI - Magnetic Induction Imput
  • Software driven electronics
  • Voice quide menu


With the new technologies such as NIB - Natural Interaction Behaviour and MAP - Mission Audio Profiles, the ComTac VI is packed with new advanced features that helps improve soldier efficiency.


NIB technology for close range communication in high noise enviroments


The NIB enables natural face to face communication in noisy enviroments, without the use of an external communications radio, minimizing the effects of lound noice or hearing protection. This system is easy to use, just upproach to the person you wish to talk to. NIB allows the user to communicate with people who are in close range to each other.


MAP - Mission Audio Profiles is a new advance enviroment listening function for auditory situational awareness. MAP allows users to adapt and optimize the enviromental listening function to four different scenarios:

  • COMFORT for comfort in a very noisy enviroment
  • CONVERSATION for natural, face-to-face communications
  • PATROL for high situational awarness when walking in a low noice enviroment
  • OBSERVATION for powerful situational awarness in a quiet enviroment