Magasindumpficka HL056-2

Större model av dump ficka för magasin, sjukvårdsmaterilsavfall m.m.

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Beskrivning av artikel

The storage sack is intended for the stowage of materials such as medical waste and empty magazines. Due to its large volume and wide opening, the bag is ideal for fast and secure stowage. The neck of the sack can be reduced in size in order to secure the contents.

PALS attachment system
The bag can be attached to all suitable modular surfaces using two fastening loops on the reverse side. The straps are made of lightweight but rugged material, facilitating the mounting and removal of the bag.

Small packing volume
Thanks to its high compressibility, the bag can be folded to a fraction of its full size. It can be safely opened and closed with a buckle fastener.

Water run-off
The opening in the bottom of the bag permits reliable run-off of liquids, thus preventing moisture build-up.

Technical Data
Size when closed – 10 cm x 12 cm x 9 cm
Size when open – 35 cm x Ø 20 cm
Volume – approx. 11 liters

Product Details

  • Simple attachment with two PALS straps
  • Reducible opening
  • Can be compactly folded
  • Water run-off in the bottom
  • Easily holds up to five empty G36 magazines
  • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Weight: