Mergerra Steinar Jacket, Earth

Steinar Jacket är en jacka för friluftsentusiaster.

  • Artnr: MSJMEL
  • I lager:3 st
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Beskrivning av artikel

Steinar Jacket är en jacka för friluftsentusiaster.

Jackan har unika funktioner för att hjälpa dig i en oväntad situation; kompass, ficklampa, visselpipa, tänd och brand sladd. Jackan har också en presenning (en vattenavvisande duk) i kragen för att skydda dig från hårda väderförhållanden.

Jackan är tillverkad av Ventile, ett bomullstyg hög prestanda. Ventile är utformad för att achive bästa möjliga balans av alla väder Performance, komfort och hårt slitage.

Our starting point was a survival situation with preconditions; you are alone I a forest with a fair distance away from civilization, you have nothing else but the clothes you’re wearing and the weather just got worse. 

We quickly identified key functions the jacket had to have:

  • The ability to start a fire
  • Navigation
  • Signal with light, sound and contrasting color.
  • Weather protection

Exactly what finally qualified to become a part of Steinar is:

  • Tarp 2,2×1,2 meters made from 1.1oz Silpoly PU 4000 with 6 re-enforced anchor points is fitted inside the collar.
  • High quality compass small enough to fit one of the pockets and without the risk of drying out like many other mini compasses tend to do, ensuring rough navigation at all times.
  • Photon Freedom micro LED with at least +4.5 lumen. Waterproof (IPX-7 standard) in case you find yourself in water, 4 safety modes (slow/medium/fast strobe, automatic SOS, morse, instant full power on/off at any time.
  • Jet Scream Whistle with It’s 112dB ear-piercing shriek.
  • Fire steel is made in Austria and holds top quality.
  • Striker with outstanding sparkel effect.
  • 550 Firecord runs through the middle- and bottom channel of the jacket. Adjust your jacket when worn or rip of a piece and start a fire.