Panel Admin HL117

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Beskrivning av artikel

The admin panel for field operation is ideal for the safe storage of sensitive map material so that it can be easily retrieved.

Variable fastening materials
The admin panel is equipped with four fastening loops made of lightweight but extremely rugged material. The pouch can be attached to all vests and plate carriers with 25 mm MOLLE straps. Fastening straps are also included, to enable it to be worn on the forearm (over clothing).

Integral transparent compartments
On the inside of the panel there are two Velcro-sealable transparent compartments for map material or ID papers. The flexible compartments keep them safe and protect the sensitive paper from rain.

Proven Velcro fastener
The pouch is opened and closed by means of a simple but proven Velcro fastener. This robust fastener will resist the most adverse conditions.

Product Details

  • Protection of sensitive documents
  • PALS and forearm attachment
  • Flexible and sturdy transparent compartments
  • Velcro fastener
  • Internal slide compartment
  • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Dimensions in mm (length/height/width): 180/123/27mm
  • Weight: 136g