Prometheus PIN®

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The Prometheus PIN® provides rapid intraosseous (IO) access when gaining intravenous access is challenging or impossible. The Prometheus PIN® can be used in emergency medical or trauma cases and can remain in-situ for up to 24 hours.

The Prometheus PIN® has been developed by leading clinicians who understand the need for a high quality, reliable IO device, delivered at an affordable price. The Prometheus PIN® has been designed to be used rapidly, intuitively and effectively.

The Prometheus PIN® can be used for IO access in the humeral head and distal and proximal tibia regions when IV access is difficult or impossible. The Prometheus PIN® incorporates a 15-Gauge trocar and cannula system, the pharmacokinetics and flow properties of which are already well known and scientifically proven.

The single needle solution of the Prometheus PIN® enables it to be used for almost any patient. Furthermore, this reduces cost and complexity, which can be generated when there is a requirement to purchase and use multiple needle sizes.

The simplicity of the Prometheus PIN® makes it a truly useful tool for the emergency care practitioner and the incorporation of a stabilisation device provides additional safety in emergency situations.

Key Features

  • Rapid and easy IO insertion
  • Single needle solution – one size for all, including paediatrics
  • 15-Gauge needle – pharmacokinetics of which are well established
  • Stabilisation accessory supplied
  • Single-use product – no driver cleaning required between uses
  • No power or battery required for insertion
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Indicated for access to six IO sites
  • Latex-free and non-pyrogenic