Sjukvårdsficka PA127

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Beskrivning av artikel

This pouch consists of one body with a zip fastener extending around the circumference, protected by a lid with a sewn-on Velcro strip for attaching patches.

Quick access
A red tab protruding in the middle to the lid provides fast access to the removable inside fittings. There is a small opening under a rubber band that gives access to a small inside pocket. Medical gloves can be mounted for easy access.

Customized panel
The removable panel consists of a wide, reinforced Cordura strip with elastic loops for securing dressing material and medical instruments. This pouch is not a standard IFAK pouch for storing a tourniquet.

PALS attachment system
The PALS attachment system of the reverse side of the product is for adapting to a modular system on the basis of a 25mm strap. This connection is an easier alternative to mounting with the MALICE clip while maintaining the same firm hold on the carrier.

Product Details  

  • Fleece pad for patches
  • Zip fastener extending around the circumference
  • Removable inside fittings
  • Easy-grip red tab
  • Expandable rubber bands on panel
  • PALS attachment system
  • Integrated water drainage
  • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr
  • Dimensions (H/W/D): 110/100/50mm
  • Weight: 140g