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Business Concept

Cold Skills turns to safety and security-conscious customers who have established them self or plan to establish themselves in areas characterized by extreme conditions.

In dialogue with the customer, we analyze the need for equipment systems, equipment and practical training package for the introduction of the equipment and into the area.

Cold Skills is a partner with the highest standards of simplicity, functionality and quality. We work under the motto; less is more! Recommended equipment systems, course content is based on our own and clients' knowledge and experience from different places in the world.

Our clients are among uniformed professions such as military, police and medical personnel but also business travelers, foreign workers, hunters, fishermen, nature photographers, etc.



The Great Grey Owl (Strix Nebulosa)

The Great Grey Owl's habitat is the northern hemisphere's most inaccessible, inhospitable and sometimes ice cold subarctic woodlands.

The Great Grey Owl chase earnestly, calmly and methodically. With its disk-like head, used as a radar locates and hits its prey. Even through snow through snow that can carry an 80 kg person and down to 60 cm depth.

The Great Grey Owl started its recovery in Tornedalen, the same that the founder of Cold Skills grow up in. Parts of this area are now protected a Taiga forests where the great Grey Owl still lives in.

The Great Grey Owl symbolizes wisdom and thoughtfulness, but at the same explosiveness when needed. These are characteristics that a true survivor needs.

These are the reasons for us that we chose to let Great Grey Owl become our company's symbol and why we placed Camp Faravid in this area.




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