Basic Winter Survival Course (BWSC)learn to survive in the cold

This course is designed to give people the crucial fundamentals required to survive and operate in the cold. Training is tailored to clients operating standards, previous knowledge, and experience in working in winter conditions.

  • How to prepare – clothing, tents, weapons and more.
  • Equipment handling and maintenance in the cold – comms, special equipment, and weapons.
  • Movement on skis, snowshoes, and bivouacs during winter conditions.
  • Navigation in the arctic, sub-arctic and mountainous regions including during snowstorms and whiteout conditions
  • SERE/SAR techniques
  • How to prevent frostbite, hypothermia, and dehydration. Identify the early warning signs, and how to treat them if they arise.
  • Shelter construction
  • Starting, maintaining, and concealing fire in snowy conditions,
  • Much more

Duration: 2-4 Weeks.