Procurement OrdersField Equipment Purchase for Government, Armed Forces, and More

Trusted Vendor with 20+ Years Experience

Cold Skills have been fulfilling the procurement needs of individuals, groups, and organisations with world leading field equipment for arctic, subarctic, and mountainous conditions for over 20 years. From clothing, shelter, systems integration and more, we supply what you and your team need to excel in the harshest conditions on earth.

We serve civilians, government, armed forces, and more. From one-off single item orders through to the outfit of teams of thousands. We are privileged to be the preferred contractor of many.

Our capabilities mean we can customise existing products we carry to suit your needs. We can complete-tailor a solution for those that need. Supporting you at every step, we can provide training and ongoing support too.

Our Team

Cold Skills team members have decades of experience in both civilian and military capacity supplying individuals and groups with the very best field equipment, particularly for the cold. Our product knowledge is second to none. Understanding all levels of supply and implementation we can help with briefing and scoping through to roll out.  

Our team comprises experts that come from the most northern parts of Sweden, Finland, and Norway. They were born, raised, and continue to regularly operate in some of the harshest conditions you can imagine. They know what equipment you need to survive and excel in these conditions.

Assessing problems from all angles we have deep and broad systems thinking and understanding. This allows us to find the right solution to fit your specific requirements and mission objectives. Solutions we provide integrate seamlessly hand-in-glove with your current systems and operations. How equipment and user interact in both best- and worst-case scenarios is considered.

Tender Fulfillment, Scoping & Specifying

Cold Skills is an established vendor able to quote and bid for existing briefs and tenders. Our consultancy team are expert problem solvers. We can help you create, refine, and scope your brief to ensure you get the order fulfilment that best suits your mission objectives and requirements. Get in touch with us if you need suggestions on what you should potentially be considering when putting an order out for tender.

On request we can provide access to our secure server with examples of mission scenarios, use-case scenarios, environment scenarios, specification guides and more. Intended users, their knowledge, experience, skillset, and suggested training (if any) and are also included in these.

We’re always happy to offer suggestions, answer questions, and provide personalized support to help you find the perfect gear or to meet your specific needs and mission objective at all stages of the procurement journey.

Close and constant dialogue with our clients, users and their requirements ensure we supply only the best. Confidentiality and IP are always considered and respected. We also have full-service R&D, consultancy, and training services available for those that need them.