Winter Alpine Course (WAC)arctic survival training

Survival in the mountains and high altitudes presents unique challenge. Help, reinforcements, and supplies can often be far away. To ensure survival and operational effectiveness specialized skill and knowledge is required. The Winter Alpine Course will ensure you survive and thrive in these often treacherous conditions. Learn how to make the alpine environment your ally.

Training can be shaped towards your individual and organization’s goals, specific mission, or training objectives.

Valued skills we teach include:

  • Fundamental mountaineering skills including snow and ice climbing techniques
  • How to prevent or cause an avalanche, as well as how to survive one.
  • Glazier travel
  • Navigating through mountainous and back-country regions, including under snowstorm and whiteout conditions
  • How to move personnel and supplies effectively
  • Camp and shelter setup and concealment, including bivouacs
  • How to spot and treat altitude sickness, hypothermia, and frostbite. Learn techniques to prevent them too.
  • Much more

Duration: 2 Weeks

Students must have completed the Cold Skills Basic Winter Survival Course (BWSC) or an equivalent training program prior to being able to undertake this course.