Cold Weather Combat, Operations, & Survival TrainingLearn how to operate safely & effectively in arctic, sub-arctic, & alpine regions

Learn how to excel in the harshest winter conditions

Operating in the arctic, subarctic, and mountainous regions of the world is often brutal for even the most prepared. For the underprepared, it’s deadly.

To operate safely, successfully, and optimally in these harsh environments you need specialized knowledge and training. You need Cold Skills.


Cold Skills Instructors have decades of military experience operating, leading, and instructing individuals and teams in the harshest winter conditions at the highest level. They are absolute experts in the field.

They know the most northern parts of Sweden, Finland, and Norway extremely well. Being born and raised they operate is these often changing and complex environments regularly. In their lifetimes they’ve picked up many skills that allow them to operate in these treacherous conditions.

Through Cold Skills training programs, courses, and consultation, Cold Skills instructors share their knowledge and expertise with you. They share their ‘Cold Skills’.

Communication is excellent. Instructors are fluent in English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish. They have many years’ experience teaching individuals and groups up to the platoon level how to operate safely and effectively in cold in both civilian and combat capacities.

They have helped many people and organisations from all levels of experience and backgrounds, from seasoned snow and arctic veterans to those looking to operate in these conditions for the first time.

What We Teach

Invaluable cold skills we teach include:

  • Physical and mental toughness required to operate in the cold
  • Navigation in the arctic, sub-arctic and mountainous regions
  • Tactics/strategy to excel in winter warfare
  • Camouflage and how to conceal your position and movement to remain undetected when operating and at bivouac
  • Setting up ambushes, demolition, and sabotage
  • Surveillance                                                      
  • How to prepare – clothing, tents, weapons and more.
  • How to prevent frostbite and hypothermia, identify the early warning signs, and how to address them if they arise.
  • Specialist equipment handling and maintenance required in freezing conditions
  • First aid in the cold
  • Fire and heating
  • Snowmobile operation and movement on skis or snowshoes. Learn how to effectively cross snow and ice.
  • How to survive and thrive in a blizzard or snowstorm
  • Much more

Courses & Training Programs Available

Courses that bare the Cold Skills name have been developed and refined over decades.

Workshops, seminars, and training expeditions range from half-day to 2-4+ week courses and more.

You can view our most popular training programs here.

Programs are designed for individuals and groups up to the platoon level. For all programs, our team can up-skill your selected team leader(s) so they can effectively teach their unit too.

Enquire with us to learn how we can complete tailor courses and training to your unique requirements.