Lindnerhof Plate Carrier LT042

Light, robust and rapidly releasable. The LT042 plate carrier offers a proven material mix of Cordura and webbing, without the higher weight usually associated with it. With only 760g it is often on a par with comparable laser-cut plate carriers.

This is achieved by a well thought-out design and an intelligent mixture of materials. The proven hybrid laminate is used for the shoulder and waist straps. On the front and back part 20mm webbing is used instead of 25mm webbing. At first sounds like nothing, but it allows a weight saving of 20% with this heavy material. Without restrictions in stability or modularity. All MOLLE/PALS compatible pouches can still be attached

The large velcro pad on the front part also allows for stable attachment of modular panels and chest-rigs.

Product details:

  • Modular plate carrier from Lindnerhof-Taktik
  • Classical materials, modern processing
  • 20mm straps for attaching Molle accessories
  • Skeletonized, double 3 row waist belt
  • LHT hook buckle as quick release system
  • shoulder straps with user-friendly 25mm hook buckle
  • Integrated admin pouch
  • Velcro surface for modular front flap
  • Back-to-back cable and drinking tube fixation on the front panel
  • Cut-open seams for cable routing
  • Zippers for panels (Crye compatible)
  • Integrated plate holding strap
  • Manufactured according to TL of the Bundeswehr


Features of the Lindnerhof Plate Carrier LT042

Three-row skeleton waist belt

Three-row skeleton waist belt

A MOLLE-compatible skeletal waist belt is used to save weight. Both sides of the waist belt are connected on the back with a cross-threaded elastic cord. With this the width of the plate carrier can also be quickly adjusted.

The waist belt is constructed in two layers. Thus, pouches can be attached on both sides, even simultaneously. So it is possible to attach a soft ballistic sleeve on the inside without losing Molle rows for additional modular pouches.

Quick release system

Quick release system

The quick release system of the plate carrier LT042 consists of the patented Lindnerhof-Taktik hook buckles. This enables the user to put on and take off his carrying system quickly. To open the buckle, a strong pull on the existing drawstring is all it takes.

In contrast to other comparable systems, the safe function of the hook buckle is not limited to one direction only. The user can therefore open the panel carrier quickly and efficiently in any situation.

The attached pulling device is covered with a tube to avoid getting caught.

In addition to quick pick-up and drop-off, the hook buckle also serves as an emergency release. Thus, every use simultaneously trains the quick dropping of the plate carrier in an emergency. Separate training and painstaking assembly with cable routing are therefore completely unnecessary.

Zippers for panels

Zippers for panels

The LT042 has zippers on the back panel for attaching zip panels. This allows all LHT modular zip panels to be mounted easily and quickly. This allows the back panel to be quickly adapted to new situations and applications without the need to loop pouches in and out.

The zippers are of course compatible with the most common systems of other manufacturers (e.g. Crye).

Attachment points for modular backpack

Attachment points for modular backpack

The modular backpack HL334 from Lindnerhof-Taktik can be attached to the plate carrier via 4 loops (2x each on the waist and shoulder straps).

This allows it to be carried comfortably directly connected to the carrying system. Due to the quick release buckles, it can be easily detached on one side and led forward. The user has access to the contents of the backpack at any time without having to put it (or the plate carrier) down.

Cable management

Cable management

On the front panel of the plate carrier there are three back-to-back cable attachments. These are used for the simple attachment of cables or a hydration tube.

Additionally, longer cables can also be installed directly through the plate compartment. For this purpose, the LT042 has three seams that the user can cut open in the middle if necessary. These are located on the sides and top of the plate compartment. This allows a cable to be concealed directly from the radio on the waist strap up to the headset.

Due to the modular design, the LT042 & HL044 plate carriers are largely compatible with each other and with the respective accessories.

This allows the LT042 to accept the following plate carrier accessories directly:

  • Velcro pouches (HL104, HL174 & HL175)
  • Zip-Panels (LT632)
  • Shoulder & inner pads (HL105, LT250 & LT250-1)
  • Modular backpack (HL081 & HL334)

Carrier for ballistic protection plates

Carrier for ballistic protection plates

The basis of the LT042 plate compartment are SAPI plates of size L.With the help of the integrated plate holding strap, smaller plates (SAPI M or NATO standard (25x30cm) can also be fixed.

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