Nordic Soldier Mitt

Sewn in durable black goatskin that provides exceptional grip and feel and with an upper surface in weather-resistant polyamide fabric.

This thumb mitt has a number of smart functions that facilitate your duty outdoors. The mittens themselves have a solid lining that can be supplemented with a loose inner lining that can be changed if it gets damp, or to adapt to varying activity levels and temperatures.

And the long collar has snow locks which, together with a sewn-in elastic strap at the wrist, ensure that the warmth stays inside the glove and that it doesn’t get too sloppy over the wrist.

A wrist strap reduces the risk of losing the glove if you have taken it off to handle your equipment. In addition, an included carabiner and leather loop on the little finger allow you to hang the glove with the opening down in the vest or climbing harness – handy to avoid it filling up with snow if you’re working with only a thinner liner on your hands.

A tough, flexible companion for operators who spend a lot of time outdoors and often move a good distance from the comforts of civilization.

Also available in thumb and 3-finger models.

Outer material: Hestra triton polyamide fabric and  goat leather

Liner: G-loft polyester, not removable.

Color: Brownish green. Sizes: 7 -12.

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