Snö BCSD Byxa (Snow BSCD Pants)

The Snö white camouflage is developed in close collaboration with Swedish specialists in winter warfare.

The Snö jacket and trouser is designed with experience from decades of Swedish winter warfare expertise.

The system uses buttons on the majority of the pockets. It features large white buttons, a legacy from older winter camouflage systems in the Swedish Armed Forces.

This system gives the operator a light weight option to bring during operations conducted in late autumn with changing snow conditions.

Thin, light and easy to carry in a backpack and combat vest. Designed for highly active activities such as e.g. skiing, pulling sleds, etc.

When utilizing the multi-layer principle and combinations of undergarments and reinforcement garments from our other system, it provides a very flexible system that allows you to save weight and volume overall. The place is perfect for use in the climate zones that NATO defines as C1 – C3.

The Snö BCS trouser is equipped with Taiga’s unique hinge construction.

The knees have been reinforced with knee protection against ground cold and a harder surface. The Snö BCS trouser has also added large side pockets on the legs, with button closure, which allows you to have reinforcement garments such as “lovic gloves”, reinforcement hat, Laplander saw etc. in the pockets.


  • Bent knees
  • Integrated knee pads that can be removed
  • Drawstring waist
  • Waist hems for unique suspender construction
  • Damasks in leg ends
  • Large leg pockets closed with button closure
  • Material 100% Polyamide
  • Weight: 125 gr/m2
  • Garment weight: approx. 360 grams in size large.
  • Washing advice 40 degrees
  • Does not tolerate chlorine bleaching
  • Tumble dry max 50°
  • Ironing max 110°
  • Gentle dry cleaning

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