Taiga MA Jacket TSUP

TSUP is the winter collection and stands for Taiga Snow UV Print. TSUP is a specially designed winter camouflage with a pressure that reduces the risk of detection in the NVG and UV spectrum.

The Mountain Arctic site is developed in close collaboration with specialists in Mountain Warfare (ML) who are placed in an arctic environments. The garment is tested in the most extreme environments and most difficult conditions and gives the soldier the right conditions to be able to deliver maximum effect.

Developed for highly active activities such as ski touring and climbing. With the right combinations of undergarments and reinforcement garments from our other system, it provides a very flexible system that allows you to save weight and volume overall. The site is currently used by units in climate zones C1 – C3.

The MA Jacket and trouser in TSUP has a very similar type of configuration that Taiga other field jackets. So when you must switch from winter to new area of operation you can place your own line of an equipment (such as survival cases, compasses, etc.) in the same places regardless of the climate in the new operation area.


  • Spacious fit with space for insulation garments
  • Hood optimized for helmet, can be width adjusted to be used without a helmet
  • The screen on the hood has steel wire so that it can be adjusted so that it protects the face in wind and rain
  • Detachable fur brim around hood opening that is attached with Velcro Heavy-duty 2-way zipper at front, concealed by front flap with velcro closure
  • Compass pocket with velcro closure on front flap
  • Ventilation openings with zipper under the sleeves.
  • Velcro on the front of the compass pocket
  • Width adjustment at the bottom of the jacket using elastic cord internal crotch at the bottom


  • Outer material: 65 % Polyester and 35 % cotton.
  • Weight: (L) 1100 gram.


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