WE Overhang UL Tarpsmilitary grade tarp - lightweght overhangs

Engineered tarps for the fast and light. This is the lightest overhang on the market. Using 30 denier high-tenacity nylon 66 fabric with a silicone elastomer coating on BOTH sides. The high relative strength and natural elasticity of this fabric make it an ideal choice for these tensile canopies. The silicone takes care of the UV exposure. Don’t be fooled, these simple looking products incorporate an uncommon level of sophisticated design and construction detail to make them the best pitching and strongest available. WE’s trade-mark tear-drop guy attachment is now years old. WE devised it, not as a universal guy cord pouch but because simple triangular reinforcing patches build-in new weaknesses. There is hardly a trip that Overhang is out of place. They are so useful during stops en route and on wet lay days.


  • Unique, reinforced guy points with integral pockets.
  • 1500mm 30 Denier high -tensacity nylon
  • 3m guy lines supplied on corners, 2m on sides
  • Eucalyptus Green / Black Trim


Features of the WE Overhang UL Tarp




  • Weight: 1.06 kg
  • Rolled up size 22 cm Long x 12 cm Diam
  • Fly area: 11.8 m2.
  • Fly dimensions: 4500 x 2950 mm


  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Rolled up size 22cm Long x 10 cm Diam
  • Fly area: 8.852 m2.
  • Fly dimensions: 3000 x 2950 mm


  • Weight: 0.55 kg
  • Rolled up size 22cm Long x 8cm Diam
  • Fly dimensions: 2000 x 2950 mm

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