Snare & Fishing Set

Our Snare and Fishing Set is a compact and indispensable tool for any survivalist or operative. Packed in a plastic tube of 40 ml, this incredibly small unit contains everything you need to catch food (meat and fish) and sew your equipment. The tube can be used as a “roll” or float. In addition to fish, these snares are designed to capture small game and climbing animals. They are also good for rabbits and birds. Able to handle most food chances that occur during a typical survival scenario. They offer survival food security for both land and water opportunities.

Passive trapping, snaring, and fishing offer a convenient approach for sustenance in the wild. Once you’ve placed your lines and traps, it’s sufficient to inspect them once or twice daily. Tend to factors like placement, bait varieties, concealment, and of course, the gathering process. This saves vital calories during a survival scenario compared to other forms of hunting.

Give yourself the best chance for food security, potentially the difference between life and death, with the Cold Skills Snare & Fishing Set.


Features of the Snare & Fishing Set



  • Brass wire: 0.5 mm / 8m. Used to make snares. The wire comes pre-rolled. Expect to use about 0.5m thread for each trap.
  • Fishing Line: 0.25mm / 25m rope supplied on a small metal roller. The roller is made of metal so that it can be used as a sinker. The rope is wound around the tube containing fishing gear and used as “Luffarrulle”, secured with tape or by some of the rope screwed into the tube.
  • Flies: 2 pieces of European 12 with a cork body.
  • Hooks: 3 pieces that can be used for angling, etc.
  • Sinkers: 2 pieces. By having these sinkers in front of floating baits you avoid lows. Weight is also a prerequisite for you to throw out the bait.
  • Wobbler: Rapala Lure. 3 inches long with twin treble hooks. Weighs 4 ounces and is a floating lure. This means that you will need a sinker to throw the lure. We have chosen a floating lure to reduce the risk of lows. Take advantage of a sinker if you need to get the lure under the surface.

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